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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Indict the Politicans

Well, I think Dimebag Darrell was probably going to die anyway. However, we can probably blame the death of the other 3 victims of the murderous rampage at the Damage Plan concert last week on the political establishment in Ohio who disarmed a concealed carry holder standing 5 feet from the gunman when he opened fire.
ll I can say is that I felt SOOO helpless in there. We have been there 5-6 times in 3 years for various events, all of which without personal protection. We are both licenced to carry concealed. I leave my firearm at home for these types of events because of the law. The 'Villa serves alcohol, so no guns. I leave it at home instead of in the car because of the crime (I'd hate to lose my 1911 to a criminal).

Well, last night it all became clear to me. WOW! I stood not 5 feet from a man that was discharging his weapon into the band members head, shoulder and abdomen, then waving and shooting into the audience. I watched as he swapped clips, then I watched as he ran behind the stage where I heard several more rounds fired. I WATCHED!!!
While its too late to change the terrible results of this legislative mistake in Ohio its not too late to prevent future tragedy's from occuring solely because of the irrational fear of guns. Please let your elected official know that they have the power to stop these senseless killings from happening.


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