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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Lets Just Shoot Blogger

I know, I know.

I shouldn't complain about something they are giving out for free. Nevertheless, it gets frustrating when Blogger is still running slow and not letting me post the posts I want in the fashion I want.

My early New Years Resolution - get a new blogging software.

Anyway, things are getting pretty busy here in DC for me as the year winds down. The regulators like to slip things in when no one is looking - and these weeks leading up to Christmas are the perfect time for that. Hence, I am looking. Add to that lots of administrative crap, a plethora or holiday parties to attend, and the desire to spend some time with my family, and it leads me to face the realization that blogging is going to slow down here for the next couple of weeks.

If something big and important happens, I'll post about it.

In the meantime, read this pretty fair article from Knoxville's Metro Pulse paper: Automatics for the People. Its not too bad. Read the whole thing.


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