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Monday, November 22, 2004

For your reading pleasure

Blogging is going to continue to be light here this week as I spend most of my time responding to some late breaking environmental developments at my job (ya know, the other one, the one that pays the rent) as well as some mind numbing internal reports the corporate types require (how very Dilbertish).

In the meantime, feel free to check out the last issue of the Virginia Citizen's Defense League newsletter. At 32 pages long, its choc full of great gun reading such as this report on another march of somewhat less than a million moms.
The press conference started shortly after Mayor McCollum arrived in the bright pink Million Mom March gun-banmobile. The Richmond NBC affiliate, Channel 12, had its cameras rolling as the Mayor addressed no one but the staff of the MMM march and 25 children behind him, most of whom looked bored. In fact the only people in front of the mayor were Channel 12 and VCDL! There was not a single adult that wasn’t on the staff of MMM, on the staff of VAHV, or a politician. Six VCDL members were on hand and held up a “Guns Save Lives” banner, directing it towards the press conference.

The deadline for submissions to next quarters newsletter is December 15, so get to work.


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