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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Crime Free Falls Church

The Washington Post is reporting a bruta, fatal, stabbing at the Eden Center in Falls Church, Virginia.

The Eden Center, of course, is well known as a criminal hotspot and controlled by various Vietnamese gangs. Its also located across the street from the Fall Church Home Depot where the home grown Islamic terrorists John Muhamad and Lee Boyd Malvo shot and killed an FBI agent during their sniping terror spree two years ago.

The Virgnia Citizens Defense League is wondering if this latest attack, taking place in broad daylight, might change Falls Church councilman Dave Snyder's (RINO) views.
Falls Church councilman David Snyder claimed a few months ago that no one has needed a gun in Falls Church since the mid 1800's. Oh yeah? I sure that Kimloan Thi Nguyen would have given anything to have been armed as she was being stabbed to death **in broad daylight** behind a coffee house where she worked. Her ex-husband was also severely wounded and is in the hospital.

Mr. Snyder probably had the Falls Church police out looking for law-abiding gun owners instead of getting violent criminals off the street. (If they ever decide to make a new film based on Lewis Carroll's "Alice through the looking glass," I suggest they film it in Falls Church.)

I am thankful for Virginia's full preemption law, carried by Delegates Cole and Hogan, that has taken away the power of petty politicians to disarm us 'for our own good.' Preemption will always be defended vigorously by VCDL.

Finally, those of you who live in Falls Church might want to ask Mr. Snyder and the City Manager if they still think that no one needs a gun in Falls Church.

The same story also had a report on the arrest of two Mara Salvatrucha 13 gang members and a South Side Locos gang member in Woodbridge.

Luckily, in large part because of Virginia's belief in its citizens protecting themselves, these types of crimes are still fairly rare and mostly limited to gang on gang violence. However, its only a matter of time before innocent bystanders become unwilingly invovled and for that reason alone, I will continue to carry whenever I'm in the area.

WELCOME Alphecca readers. While this post is about a brutal stabbing in Falls Church, VA, its not my post about Church violence. Rather, see this post and this more recent post (I put it up this morning). Since these are all right after one another, I think Jeff just transcribed the wrong link.

For what its worth, Falls Church describes three seperate entities. First, there is the City of Falls Church where RINO David Snyder (whom I happen to know and generally like as a person) is the former mayor, a former VA House of Delegates candidate, and a current city Councilman. There is also the Falls Church area of Fairfax County which surrounds the City, but is a seperate legal entity controlled by the larger Fairfax County government. Finally, there is The Falls Church itself, one of the oldest Episcopalian church in the country (the current building dates to 1768, but the original building on the spot was erected in 1734. George Washington was elected ot the vestry there in 1863. Go read check their web page out and learn more about the The Falls Church. Its had a fascinating and important role in U.S. history.

UPDATE In the comments, Peter Caress (I am not familiar with him, but I think this is the same guy) disagrees with my description of the Eden Center, stating it is simply a place where immigrant kids hang out. I disagree and provide a long list (over 10) of major national news reports that I believe support my position that activity at the Eden Center has historically been controlled by Asian street gangs and continues to be. Read the discussion and make up your own mind. Once I get blogger back up (and have more time) I am going to put up a larger post on the subject.


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