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Saturday, November 27, 2004

Where are the crowds??

This post was originally about how I thought GALYANS Trading Company was going the way of K-Mart based, in part, on the utter lack of crowds shopping there this weekend. Here is how it originally read.

As you probably know, major anti RKBA traitor Dick's Sporting Goods has purchased Galyan's, and being the Dick they are, is castrated the formerly venerable Galyan's hunting department to ensure only Brady Approved (TM) firearms. This mean, as we all know, a ban on handguns, and sure enough, the Galyan's handgun stock has been pretty much depleted with about 2 dozen left in the Fairfax, VA store.

Not surprisingly, shoppers seem to be reacting to this change like its becoming K-mart or something. While shopping there today to take advantage of their huge going out of the firearms business sale (Even with the Ammo day purchases, I still needed some more), I was shocked by how few people were in the store. At 1:30 pm on an otherwise overcast day, on the biggest shopping weekend of the year, while they were hosting a 50% off sale, the Galyan's parking lot had all of 2 dozen cars in it.


I get my cheap ammo, cheap hearing protectors, and a new knife, and Dick's is made to suck the loss of sales hard.

Apparently, the dearth of shoppers is occurring all over. Instapundit has more. I'll just add that as I did some Christmas shopping with the wife and son today we too noticed the lack of crowds. Home Depot was deserted. Lowes had slightly more people there, but still hadn't set up its Christmas ornaments and trees yet. Wal Mart was as crowded as it usually is on a Sunday afternoon - but there were no more crowds than usual. Finally, traffic at Tyson's Corner was light, and Neiman Marcus's crowds and holiday display were both anemic.

I think the internet is playing a big part in all of this . . . . most of my shopping was completed weeks ago, with some final purchases being made late last night and this afternoon over the internet from Cabelas, LL Bean, Lands End, and of course, (and too!)


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