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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Da 1911

Well, we went shopping for ammo last night and ended up buying the last three boxes of .45 ACP that my local Wal Mart had. Paid a bit of $9 for 50 round boxes of 230 gr CCI Blazer in reloadable brass. I was hoping to score some of the 100 Round Winchester WHite Boxes at $19.97 a box, but they were out of them. The ammo counter guy was actually in the process of going over the weeks ammo sales numbers in preparation for placing an order last night. He was trying to double the order of both 9mm and 45 ACP 100 round white boxes but didn't know if the manager would allow it. In any case, they should have more in on Thursday.

In other news, in my post the other day on the 1911, I indicated I was going to purchase some grips and mags from Brownells. Well, it turns out I am not. At least not buying the mags from Brownells. Instead, I just ordered a bunch of Chip McCormick Power Mags from Natchez Shooters Supplies on sale for $16.50 each. Thats about $10 cheaper than Brownells. Still not sure what I going to do about new grips, but I am looking.

Natchez also has 50 Round Boxes of 230 gr UMC ammo on sale for $8.47, but shipping is costly on a 60lb order and I am not sure what the best/cheapest option is. I continue to look around and am starting to contemplate a simple reloading setup too. Anyone have any thoughts on that direction??? How much of an investment should I be estimating to get started? How many rounds do I have to create to make it pay off over just buying commercial ammo?? How much should I expect to pay per round if I reload???

I don't think I need to handload rifle ammo yet, but that maybe a direction to go in the future. Right now, I just want to cut down on the cost of .45 ACP.


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