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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Lee or RCBS (or Dillon??)

Last week I mentioned that along with my new Colt, I was also considering the possibility of loading my own ammo. I appreciate the feedback I got and did some research this weekend. From what I have found, there seems to be two schools of thought out there - Lee or RCBS. However, a vocal amount of folks also recommend Dillon - though I am not sure if Dillon sells a beginners kit (I don't want to invest $1000s in a hobby I am not sure I will keep up at).

Lee has a fairly inexpensive beginners kit, while the RCBS entry level kit is priced higher but seems to require less ala carte items. Both require me to get dies. Is there a comparable Dillon option?

Does anyone have opinions on these two options? What are the pros and cons of these two? Is there another manufacturer I should be looking at? Which has the most user friendly manual.

I am not the most technically inclines person in the world, though I went fairly far in my homebrewing experimentations. I don't ant to load new and intriguing rounds, I simply want to reload ammo to cut costs down (and buy more guns).

I appreciate any input.

UPDATE: Reader Tony directed me to this interesting discussion at the High Road.

It includes this nice little price comparison.
Hornady Custom Grade New Dimension Nitride 3-Die Set 9mm Luger $31.99
Hornady Custom Grade New Dimension Nitride 3-Die Set 45 ACP $31.99
Hornady Custom Grade New Dimension Nitride 3-Die Set 38 Special and 357 Magnum $31.99
Frankford Arsenal Stainless Steel Dial Caliper Standard $16.99
subtotal $112.96

Minimum Retail
Lee Anniversary Reloading Kit with "Modern Reloading" Manual $77.99
Lee Universal Shellholders Set of 11 $12.99
subtotal $90.98

Dillon XL 650 Reloading Press w/ Dies $459.95's "As It Should Be" Upgrade $97.79
Caliber conversions for remainig 2 calibers $131.90
Toolhead kits fro 2 remaining calibers $51.78
Lee Safety Powder Scale (or better) $18.98
subtotal $760.40

Lee Single stage total $183.67
Dillon progressive total $862.13


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