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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Pompous Liberal Assholes

There's a reason most American's (even most Democrats) despise liberals/progressives/communists - its cause they are pompous, stuffy, self important, discriminating, assholes.

Well, one of those pompous asses, who claims to be a former speachwriter for my former super tall and super liberal and super out of touch (even if he was a good basketball player) Senator from New Jersey, Bill Bradley (the guy who narrowly won re-election against the unkown Christie Todd Whitman and then was crushed in his Quixotic quest for the White House) has some rather insulting and downright unintelligent things to say about Ryan Sager, the columnist who uncovered the Pew Campaign Finance reform video.

Ryan does a great job of pointing out how unintelligent Mark Schmitt sounds, as the foundation for his diatribe against Sager is mostly in the form of age discrimination. I can't add much to what Ryan has already covered, except to point out that I've never heard of Mark Schmitt before (and I've worked in DC political circles for some time) but that he seems to be the kind of self important fool who actually believes his own press releases that are unfortunately a dime a dozen in D.C.

I offer my own thoughts as an expert witness.

Eeer, isn't that awfully presumptious of him. But of course, liberals believe only they and their peers in the Ivory Tower have any right to opine on the state of the Republic.

The bio on his web page is equally pompous.
I'm the Director of Policy and Research at the Open Society Institute, a major foundation in New York.
Uh, Earth to Mr. Schmitt, if you have to tell us OSI is a "major foundation" then perhaps it isn't. And, for what its worth, I am also a policy director at a major DC institution (and believe me we are are about 100 times larger than OSI) but don't believe that makes me any more credible than the next guy - its simply a meaningless title. Liberals - and DC types - love their titles. I prefer results.

I ran a program at OSI that made grants to organizations working on campaign finance reform
Oh, so you've made it your career to oppose the First Amendment. Is this something we should applaud you for? Or should we applaud you simply because you haven't accomplished a damn thing, except to act as the conduit for the flow of money? Did you raise the money yourself? Did you run the organizations you were funding? Or did you simply sit on your ass and give other people's money to your comrades in arms against the United States constitution?

I know a lot about recent U.S. political history
That's nice. I guess since you say so, it makes you an expert, right? Nope. Its too bad you haven't seen it worthwhile to learn about any other periods of time in U.S. history, beyond what you've lived through.

I'm also interested in the role that ideas play in U.S. politics, and the absence of a coherent public philosophy among liberals and Democrats.
Well, at least he admits to the tired irrelevance of the American liberal.


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