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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The Chelsea Smiles

Check out the Chelsea Smiles. They are pretty good if you like rocking pop music. Plus, they have some real R&R credentials.

I grew up (and was pretty gosh darn good/best friends) with the lead guitarist and founder Todd Youth as a kid in Rockaway, New Jersey. Lost touch with him somewhere along the way - after running off into the NY Hardcore Punk scene at 12.

He ended up as Agnostic Front's bass player before becoming the guitarist for Murphy's Law, D Generation, and Danzig amongst other bands. Haven't spoke to him in years, but I ought to send him an email.

In any case, check out his band. They sound like the Hives or the Strokes or any of those other types, but they actually have a real live life long rock and roll guitarist in them.


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