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Thursday, May 19, 2005

DC, The Commuting Shithole

This one's certain to make Steve smile.

So, imagine one day you decide to take the train into work or school. You used to do it, but then got a car and drove the car for three years. You would have taken your car again today, but for some reason - perhaps you have to be there extra early for a salary review with your boss and can't risk a traffic tie up - for some reason you decide to take the train.

How would you go about this? Perhaps you would drive to the station and buy a ticket and then get on the train. Surely, thats the proper way to do, don't ya think?? Go to the station, buy a ticket, get on train. Sounds reasonable, doesn't it? Heck, that was even the procedure the last time you rode the train.

Well, as I am sure you can guess, there is always a hitch with commuting in DC. In this case - about VRA (The Virginia Rail Express - the train system set up for those people who live outside of the METRO system) - turns out that after you get to the station and spend your $8 on a ticket, your not allowed to board the train. Nope, instead your suppose to stop and read the small print on the ticket (or perhaps read the filth covered signs along the walls) that point out you now need to find another machine and validate the ticket. Yep, buying the ticket isn't enough, you need to validate it.

And what happens if your don't?

Well, then be prepared to go to court and pay a huge fucking ($150) fine.

Folks, I simply can't believe it. James F has the rest of the story.


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