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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Conservatives and their fuckhead Justice

Turns out that once again Justice Kennedy has sold the constitution down the river.
Of course the blame for this lies not with liberals, not really with Kennedy, but rather with the fucking social conservatives who would rather regulate what we do withourselves than defend the constitution.

As you might remember, after Robert Bork's nomination was defeated in the Senate, President Reagan nominated Douglas Ginsberg - a well respected jurist from the highly respected D.C. Circuit - to the Supreme Court. The only problem is, Ginsburg had smoked a doobie once upon a time and the Just Say No fanatics railroaded his nomination. Once Ginsburg withdrew we were then presented with the third stringer - Anthony Kennedy who shows no sign of retiring any time soon.

Kennedy, of course, has turned into nothing but another well head limosine liberal and again sold the republic down the river as the 5th vote in Kelo v. New London. May he rot in hell. If anyone is looking to steal some land for development (under the claim of simply increasing its tax value) might I suggest this attractive piece of property.


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