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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Fitness Blogging #3

Well, I was planning on riding my bike to work this morning, but that fell through. Instead, my son kept me up late again last night. I ended up waking up at 7:30, taking a quick shower, and walking to the bus stop (5 minutes). The bus took me to the metro and I rode that in (standing the entire way).


Bowl of Safeway Toasted Oats Ceral with whole milk. The last of the red seedless grapes (Mmm Mmm Mmm)

Lunch Corn Flakes (without milk) (90 calories) and Special K (again without milk) (80 calories) (I took them from the mini serving boxes).

PM snack
I went on a brisk walk/run for lunch (see below) and on the way back to the office stopped off in front of the Corcoran Art Museum and purchased a 24 oz sportpack bottle of Deer Park water. It was icy cold and pretty good.

Earlier in the morning I had put 2 bags of Jasmine Green tea in a Nalgene bottle and placed the bottle on the front windowsill. By the time I had gotten back from my run it was pretty well brewed and I simply added a packed of Splenda to 32 oz of Jasmine Green Sun Tea. Poured it over ice and it was pretty darn tasty too.


Wife picked me up and we drove to the Doctors office. We planned on cooking out but it was raining and she wanted a glass of wine. Ended up at McLean Family Restaurant. Had a side salad with feta cheese, greek olives, and vinaigrette. For the actual meal I had Spanakopita with mixed greens. Drank a glass of ice tea with lemon. My son had a bowl of ice cream for desert and I took one spoonful. It was good, but I felt guilty about it and stopped after that.

Since I didn't get to ride my bike in this morning, I made an extra effort to get out for some excercise at lunch time today. It was boiling hot but I did a combination of light jogging and very quick walking for 51 minutes at an average heartrate of 135 bpm. Maximum HR was 161 bpm and total calories burned was 426.

The route I followed is basically this:

Farraguate Square down Connecticut Ave and into LaFayette Park; Left on Pennsylvania Avenue and right on 15th Street; Cutting in front of the White House (where the Memorial to the Civil War is) and left on 17th Street; Cross Constitution Avenue and veer off to the right on the path that takes you to the memorial lake; Followed the trail around the lake and cut through the grass to the Reflecting Pool; Went up to the Lincoln steps then back down the other side of the reflecting pool up to the WWII memorial; Entered the memorial from the Pacific side and circled the interior, then back up 17th street to Farraguat Square.

Not sure of the distance, but I was going at a good clip for 51 minutes.

After getting back from dinner we went on a walk as a family. My wife has a 2 mile route she does in the neighborhood and she took the dog while I carried my son on my shoulders. Its the same route we did last night but the addition of my son made a huge difference. While last night I averaged 109 bpm, tonight I averaged 126 bpm. Strangely enough though, my heart rate monitor is only showing me losing 147 calories, 3 less than I did during last nights significantly less intensive workout. I assume there was a programing error of some sort, either I set it to high last night or too low tonight.

For what its worth, I am using a dB 500 heart rate monitor that I purchased from Performance Bikes online.


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