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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Fitness Blogging #2

First, I am astonished by the support I received from the online world. In addition to the 8 comments on yesterday's post I also received at least 10 email. Who knows, perhaps this support network will be the start of a new diet craze. Anyway, today wasn't as productive of a start as I hoped. Perhaps though, the fact that I am so disappointed with myself for todays failures will bode well for me in the long run.

Anyway, I woke up weighing 210 lbs.

I started the day off with a bowl of Safeway Brand toasted oats cereal with whole milk. The cereal has 110 calories, not sure how much the whole milk has. I also had some more of the tasty red seedless grapes.

Morning Snack
This spells doom right here. I was running late to work today and as I showed up our research assistant was leaving to get some coffee at starbucks. I told him I wanted something cold, a Venti iced coffee. He returned 30 minutes later with a Venti Mocha Frappuchino at 540 calories (yikes!!!!) In the meantime, there was a pack of M&Ms sitting on my chair when I got to my office - and since they are my weak spot - I quickly devoured all 240 calories worth.

Lunch was better. I was planning on getting a salad but my boss dragged me down to a lunch meeting with some high government official talking about something that didn't interest me. Lunch was good though. I had a small (2-3 oz) piece of whitefish in a balsamic vinaigrette along with a steamed carrot and bean salad (also in the vinaigrette) For desert they served an apricot tort of which I ate half the filling and none of the shell. I drank an iced tea with lemon.

PM Snack
Cup of Jasmine green tea with 1/4 pack of splenda.

We went to the Greek Taverna in McLean. My wife and I split an appetizer of greek sausage. I had a small greek salad, steamed green beans and stewed tomatoes in a greek vinaigrette, and trout with capers and lemon. Delicious. My wife ordered rice pudding (which I despise) for desert. Also, I am especially proud of myself for not having a single piece of bread. Along with the meal I had 6 glasses of ice water.


In the morning I had a brisk 5 minute walk to my bus stop. Because of the lunch meeting, I didn't get to go out at lunch time, but when I got home afterwork (and before dinner) I walked with my wife and dog 2 miles in 35 minutes at an average heart rate of 109 bpm. It burned 150 calories according to my heart rate monitor.

Tomorrow I will be riding my bike in to work, but we have a meeting with our son's doctor at 5:30 so I don't know if I will be able to ride home. I plan on walking or running at lunch.


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