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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Will The Dream Become Reality?

Last fall I asked We Can Dream, Can't We?

Now comes word that the dream might just become reality. According to this story on Roger Water's Online.
Pink Floyd are in top secret talks to perform for Live Aid 2. David Gilmour, Roger Waters, Rick Wright and Nick Mason have been asked to appear at the Hyde Park event Live 8 on July 2. If organisers pull it off, it'll put all other perfromers in the shade - including U2, Oasis, Paul McCartney and the Rolling Stones. I'm told: "They've all been approached and we're hoping they can put their differences behind them and join the concert." The band have previously been offered millions to reform after falling out, but refused. Live 8 is aimed at raising money for children in Africa. Imagine the viewing figures if the Floyd did play.
As they point out, Nick Mason said a Live Aid type of concernt was the best chance to see the band reunite. Who knows, first Cream now Floyd?!?!?!?

Ya know, Roger Water's was present at at least one of the reunion shows. . . .
___ Roger Waters offers a brief account of his youth when he discusses the band 'Cream in a new interview with 'Rolling Stone magazine. Roger Waters also states he will be attending at least one of the Cream reunion shows in London later this year. Roger describes the gig in 1965 as, "Two thirds of the way through their set, one of them (Cream) said, 'We'd like to invite a friend of ours from America out onstage.' It was Jimi Hendrix, and that was the first night he played in England. "He came on and did all that now-famous stuff, like playing with his teeth. That ticket cost me about a pound or so. It might have been the best purchase I ever made."


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