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Monday, June 06, 2005

Turtle Blogging

How 'bout something neat to start the summer off with.

This little guy was in the backyard the other morning.

He was very friendly, and my son was fascinated by him. He likes turtles, but this is the first live one he's ever seen.

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Strangely, and on a sad note, we saw at least half a dozen dead large turtles along I75 between Knoxville and Chattanooga this morning. I can't say I've ever even noticed a dead turtle on the Interstate before, but there were a bunch of them today and most were quite large (one looked rather like a snapping turtle - as much as I could tell as i sped by at 80 mph - just past Loudon and the golf course along the Tennessee River.

Anyone know what's up with that?? I'd hate to think there is a massive die off of turtles going on, but perhaps its related to all the rain that fell over the last few days.


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