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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Nuts 4 Nats

Went to see the National's play again last night (and have tickets for tonight as well but not sure If I can make it). It was another fine performance - of course, the national league leading Nationals did have an advantage over the pansy American League Blue Jays - their pitchers can hit.

Case in point: Not only did Esteban Loaiza pitch 6 shut out innings, his 2nd inning 2 run boomer of a double drove in the winning runs. The Blue Jay's pitcher on the other hand could barely swing and is hitting a pathetic .000 for the season.

I grew up on the New York Yankees (Reggie Jackson, Gregg Nettles, Chris Chambliss, Goose Gosage, Catfish Hunter, Ron Guidry, etc. are the heros of my youth) and American League ball, but now I see why my father gets so made about the DH. It just sucks. If your pitchers gonna play, make him play.

I went to the game, btw, with my father in law. It was armed forces night and they not only had the Army's drill team (tossing Springfield around in the air (with the bayonette attached) and parachuters, but they sung the Army Chorus sung the National Anthem while the Old Guard held the colors and had 10 new recruits sworn into the Army.

Oh yeah, President Bush and Condi where there too.

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I actually had no idea until this morning when I read it in the papers. They didn't magnometer us (good thing too cause while I don't carry in DC some people do) or otherwise announce it and we can't see over where his box is from out seats behind home plate.

Oh yeah, Dave Matthews and his drummer Carter Beauford (and a couple of their friends and some body guards) were sitting two rows in front of us. I don't think anyone there noticed it was Dave Matthews and I wouldn't have except I recognized Carter.


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