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Thursday, July 28, 2005

The Blog

In an attempt to update the look of this little old blog, I stayed up pretty late playing around with different templates. I'd really like something more eye catching - done in shades of grey and white with the text in a robust blue or indigo.

Anyway, I was up pretty late last night (2:00 am) playing around with different templates and kept running into the same problem. Namely, I am finding it awfully difficult to control the columns on the blog. For instance, there is currently a column to the left which has no writting in it. I can't figure out in my code where it comes from or how to move the main text over so it is flushed on the left side. Likewise, in all the templates I tried last night, my blogroll on the right would never align with the right side and would often times end up at the bottom of the blog.

Any ideas or suggestions?


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