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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Michael Yon

At this point in the war on terror, I think it is pretty much beyond question that Michael Yon is making mincemeat out of his fellow journalists. If this guy doesn't get some sort of pulitzer prize, then the profesion of journalism is even more deemed than I thought.

He consistently is reporting on the real action, from a perspective never seen in the MSM (and with a depth of coverage that is beyond the comprehension of most members of the MSM) while facing risks the average reader couldn't even fathom

Separately, in an undercover operation, the Iraqi police detained four men whose kidnaping cell had abducted the 28-year-old wife of a Mosul journalist. This group was known to behead their victims, holding the world vicariously hostage with their crude cinemtography. This raid was interesting; information had recently come in that the terrorists were plotting to kill a journalist here in Mosul, and some officers believed the target was me. There is an interesting aside about a spy that Deuce Four detained who was actively trying to persuade me to visit what he described as a 'safe' place in Iraq. While he is now in Abu Ghirab, I am still with Deuce Four, both of us 'safe' for the moment.

[For the record: If I am ever captured and seen on television telling the world that America is evil, I am lying.]

Best of luck Mr. Yon and I hope to read your writings for years to come.


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