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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Sweet Deals

If only every locality was so honorable.
im Walker, of the MDWFP, says, "These guns were taken from hands of the bad guys. We hope to put them in the hands of the good guys."

Thats right, in Mississippi I guess they don't destroy confiscated firearms, they simply sell them to the law abiding segments of society at a bargain price.
Soon they hope to be in the hands of someone in need of a good gun.

Walker says, "You have to have a federal firearms license to purchase these guns."

They will be auctioned off in October to anyone who has that license. Half the money will go to the state and half to the agency.

Pope says, "The guns will be sold as is. It'll be sold as a package deal."

Walker says, "The possible return could be substantial. Depends on who shows up."

Wildlife officials say some guns could get up to 500 dollars. Some look brand new. The result is quite a bargain.

While I wish they would just sell them to anyone, I don't mind their sale to dealers for eventual sale to the public - got to keep the dealers employed. If you've got an FFL (will a C&R work???), the auction will be October 6 at Durham Auctions in Forrest County, Mississippi.

I usually don't have much good to say about Mississippi. This is a definite start though.


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