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Monday, July 18, 2005

Hey Hey, Look What I Found!

Some folks out there are into knives. Real Expensive Knives.

I, simply don't get it. To me, a knife is a simple utilitarian object. My dad got me my first pocket knife at the hardware store when I was a kid, and since that time I have had a few different swiss army knives and a steady stream of various no name knives. Right now, I actually have five knives I might be carrying at any time - a leatherman (the original kind which was eventually called a PST but mine was without a model name - got it 12 years ago and its been sent in once for repairs, very handy); a giant swiss army knife (I call it the Mac Daddy - I got it in Geneva in March of 1994 and it came with a neat little leather pouch, a couple of sharpening stones, a compass, and some survival materials); the free hunting knife that the NRA's Free Hunters group gave me with my membership; and a no name folding knife. In addition to these, for the last couple of years I also had a tactical type of pocket folder knife that I picked up at Wally World. Its pretty handy and for awhile I took it with me into work as a main line of defense in the DC disarmament zone. However, at some point in time I misplaced it and for the last 6 months I have been without it.

On Friday afternoon, as I was clearing out one of my archival inboxes (where I stick things that need to be filed at some point, but not for awhile) I found it sitting on top of a CD (which I was also looking for) on the bottom of the box.
Here it is.

Image hosted by

A prize to whomever can tell me what CD cover its on too.


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