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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Davey Crocket, KIA

It was bad enough when the campus went dry.

Image hosted by I guess that the only message I can take after learning that UT is dropping Davey Crocket and his rifle from official merchandise is we no longer care about our heros. Hell, they might as well change the name of the team from the Volunteers to the Oppressed Draftees.

I'm tempted to bring my own rifle the next time I show up at Neyland.

This is a sad sad day.

Image hosted by

Hat tip: Cam Edwards

INSTALANCHE!!! Oh My Goodness, I leave the computer for a few minutes and get the best Instalanche ever. And considering how strong traffic was already - its my best month traffic wise by far - this is just blowing me away. Welcome, and please feel free to look around. I've got a few guest bloggers here these last couple of weeks and hope you find things interesting and educational.

UPDATE: Knoxville Sports Source TV Show host John Pennington sent me a very nice email and posted a follow up in the comments section. As a result, I've removed the previous update as our disagreement has been clarified. Based upon his email, he seems like a rather upstanding guy.


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