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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Raging Cajuns, Turn In Your Guns

Well, at least thats what the New Orleans cops are asking for.

Police officers were asking residents to give up any guns they had before they boarded buses and trucks because police desperately needed the firepower: Some officers who had been stranded on the roof of a motel said they were being shot at overnight.

Eeer, nope. Thats why I've got guns. To protect me and mine, not to help the most corrupt police force in America.

As El Tejon said on The High Road

Embrace the suck!

As Charlton Heston said
From My Cold Dead Hands

Really, it ought to be open season on the looters. I support that idea (mainly because looting is the fear that prevents people from leaving in situations like this in the first place) but it will be very nice when the Army finally shows up.

What an incredible SHTF situation that is occurring.

Here's another report from The High Road
t is a literal SHTF situation right now in New Orleans, and I'm afraid that the panic is starting to spread east towards our town. I'm 110 miles or so east of New Orleans, and even we were leveled, with much worse damage than we recieved during Ivan.

FEMA is able to bring in enough food daily to feed about 75,000 people. At the distribution centers today, about 350,000 showed up. Do the math. It's going to get ugly really quickly if we don't get power and some sort of transit system setup in this city alone, not even considering the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

As I continue to say - Outdated Second Amendment My Ass


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