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Monday, August 29, 2005

GG's Lists

The Gun Guy put up a great list of 20 Things A Man Should Do. I'm only 33, but I've already done a bunch.

1. Shoot a gun larger than a .22. Check
2. Teach a kid to shoot. Check
3. Cook a meal out in the open (and I don’t mean a backyard BBQ). Check
4. Kill an animal which can kill you. Not yet
5. Taste a good brandy (no French cognacs need apply) and a fine single malt Scotch. Check
6. Visit at least eight countries outside your own continent, none of which speak your home language. Check - Sweden, Finland, Italy, Wales, France, Switzerland, Mexico, Hungary, Slovakia, Czeck Republic, Germany
7. Read any six Shakespeare plays. Check
8. Win a solo sporting competition—anything that involves physical exercise. Check - Tennis, Skiing
9. Be part of a winning sports team. Check - High School Football Team went undefeated
10. Make love with a woman in a forbidden place. Check
11. Have a strange woman invite you home with her; and refuse her, because you’re married. Sort of, but I wasn't married yet
12. Build something tangible—out of wood, steel, brick, whatever. Check
13. Sit up all night comforting a sick child. Check
14. Tell the truth, where a lie would both be undiscoverable, and keep you out of trouble. Check
15. Watch at least one real virtuoso play a musical instrument—in any kind of music. (I’ve seen Eric Clapton, Itzhak Perlman, and Stephane Grappelli perform, and watched both Solti and Barenboim conduct the Chicago Symphony. Pretty humbling.) Check - Clapton
16. Perform on stage (music, theater, whatever), to a large (500 ) audience. Check
17. Play at least one musical instrument competently. eeer, I am a bad hacker on guitar
18. Make love to a woman at least ten years older than you are. nope, don't think so but I could be wrong.
19. Tell a government bureaucrat to fuck off. Check - did it again today.
20. And finally: tell a true story to your grandchildren. No grandkids yet - my son is only 3.

Not too bad and I expect to knock number 4 off soon (think bear or moose) but its gonna take a while till I get to 20 and I don't have any plans on accomplishing 18.


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