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Monday, August 29, 2005

The Rotten Underbelly of DC

Terrorists don't need a WMD to shut down DC. Simply taking out one of the main arteries into the city should do the job well enough. And heck, the bridges from Virginia into DC might just do the job for them.

Case in point, the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Bridge connecting Rosslyn and I-66 from Virginia to Constitution Ave (its the one that crosses Teddy Roosevelt Island and comes in right next to the Kennedy Center)

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Look at all that rust. You would think someone would do something about that, wouldn't ya?

Of course, it gets worse . . . much worse, once you look underneath the bridge. And yes, those are simple wooden planks supporting the main commuter throughway from Virginia into DC.

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As I sat in my kayak Sunday afternoon taking this picture, flakes of paint and rust showered down on my with each passing car. Really, with a budget running way out of control and untold trillions spent fortifying DC, you would think there would be just a wee little bit left over to maintain the infrastructure vital to the city.


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