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Monday, August 29, 2005

Cops & Guns

Acid Man is reminiscing about a Glong ago field trip to shoot guns and collect rocks and it made me think about last night.

While cleaning up after dinner, the phone rang. It was my sister in law, calling from Georgia. Seems that the alarm in her house (just up the street from me) was tripped. The cops were on the way, but she wanted me to head over there and see what was up. No problem, I strapped on my Colt and walked up the street. As I arrived at her house it dawned on my that I wasn't sure what the reaction of Fairfax County's finest would be to me parading around packing heat - I know its perfectly legal, but they were responding to an alarm and didn't know me from Adam. So, I decided to just flip my tshirt over it and conceal it.

It didn't do a very good job and after walking around the house and talking to the neighbor it was hanging back out when the Cop showed up.

Anyway, we (neighbor and I) introduced ourselves and went around the house to check things out. There was no sign of break in and after BSing a little, the cop said good night and we all went our seperate ways. He never commented on the presence of my gun (which was more gun than the puny Glock he was carrying).

I like living in Virginia.


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