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Monday, August 29, 2005

Selling Out


I've sold out and am going to try and accept blog ads (and will be placing Crisp Ads up here this week too!!!!). The only problem is I placed the BlogAds code in my template but nothing seems to be showing up. Is this a problem with blogger? I tried to check out the BlogAds help section, but couldn't make any headway - it was way over my non technical head. Anyone out there have any input?

In the meantime, and assuming I figure out how to get this thing running, let me know if you would like to run a complimentary ad over on the side. I suspect I'll be doing that for the next couple of weeks, at least. Just shoot me an email (countertop AT gmail DOT com) and I can help you set it up. Oh, and if your the lucky person who somehow can show me how to do this, I'll run an ad for your blog or cause of choice - for free - for the next month or so.



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