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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Fire Fulmer


Enough is enough.

The man might have more wins (or a higher winning percentage) than any other active college football coach (or whatever the dumb record he holds is), but seriously, is there any coach anywhere who has lost most games that actually count?

I'm not a fan of Tennessee football in order to see them beat the likes of UAB 17-14. Its the big games that count, and time and again Fulmer fails to deliver the goods.

Oh sure, he got lucky and won a National Championship 8 years ago, but seriously, even then he was coaching the greatest chocking experiment ever. Its not the players fault, so much of what ALWAYS goes wrong is the fault of the coach. I'm sure Eric Ainge is a good guy, but he was wholly ineffective tonight. Casey Clausen, on the other hand, has been delivering the goods. Why then, won't Fulmer go with Clausen? Why do we run when we should pass and pass when we should run? Like tonight? We should have pounded their ass with Gerald Riggs and a superior running game. Instead, we decide to waste time with a bunch of pansy gimick pass plays where we were outclassed and outplayed. Why do we play to their strength and not ours?

What the fuck was up with the mental errors? That fake punt? The dropped punt?

And on that Florida drive that killed us, how many 3 and 15+ situations did we allow Florida to come back from. Don't get me wrong, the D did their job - you can only ask for so much. Its the failure of leadership that Fulmer brings which trickles down and infects the entire team - but especially the offense.

Perhaps we can trade coaches with South Carolina. Or go bring Danny Ford out of retirement.

I don't care who we get, lets just fire this guy already.


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