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Thursday, September 15, 2005


Cool, today's featured article at Wikipedia's home page is on The Krag Petersson rifle.

The Krag-Petersson rifle was the first repeating rifle adopted by the armed forces of Norway, and one of the first repeating arms used anywhere in the world. Developed by Ole Herman Johannes Krag, the action of the Krag-Petersson was uniquely actuated by the oversized hammer. Another distinguishing feature is that the cartridge rising from the magazine is not seated automatically, but has to be pushed into the breech of the rifle.

Testing by the Norwegian military revealed that the Krag-Petersson was a robust, accurate and quick firing weapon, and the Royal Norwegian Navy adopted the rifle in 1876. The rifle was also extensively tested by other nations, but not adopted. After being phased out around 1900, the remaining rifles were sold off to civilians, and often extensively rebuilt. Today it is so difficult to find one in original condition that the Krag-Petersson has been described as "the rifle everybody has heard about, but hardly anybody has ever seen"[1]. It was the first rifle designed by Ole H. J. Krag that was adopted by an armed force.

Like I said, cool.


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