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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Presidential Folly

Well, former president, at least.

For those of you old enough, think back a few years to the dark days of the late 70s when Jimmy Carter was smoking pot with Willie Nelson in the White House.

What was liberal whackjob Jimmy Carter most famous for while in office.

Well, not counting running the economy in the ground. Or the sky high interest rates and record inflation. Oh yeah, don't include his monumental screw up in Iran.

What's that leave us with: energy. Yep, there was a serious energy crisis during the Carter years. As a kid, I remember waiting hours on line for gas, of only being able to go get gas on certain days as it was rationed out based upon whether our license plate started with an odd or even number, and paying rates that were the highest ever - adjusted for inflation - until about 1 day ago.

Well, Jimmy Carter has decided to wade back into the energy policy debate where he argues for maintaing high costs and falls for the specious talking points of enviros.

As I've said lots of times before, ANWR is simply not about oil - but much more concerned with increasing supplies of natural gas, the "climate friendly" energy source the liberals pushed for years and which serves as a feedstock for most of modern society and for which we have put tremendous artificial hurdles in front of the supply of (ie: no pipelines or LNG facility to accept shipments from overses and shutting off access to our most productive gas fields)

Thank god he isn't President now.


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