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Friday, September 09, 2005

Enemies: Domestic and Foreign

We know about the enemies overseas: China, Al-Quaeda, Syria, Iran, Zaraquai, Venezuala, North Korea, the United Nation's.

But, in light of this, it seems the list of domestic enemies has now grown by at least one.

Meet Edwin P. Compass, or at least my view of him.
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And shame on any National Guard member who complies with his oppressive, unreasonable, overbroad, and unconstitutional demands. As Uncle says
I would not disarm.

The authorities would have to take them from my cold dead hands. Period. I have a line in the sand and this is it.

Me too.

As Anarchangel points out:
Shooting Cops
Nasty subject, and one which I generally believe should get you the death penalty...

Unless those cops are no longer acting as the legitmate representative of civil authority that is.

The sooner Edwin Compass (and that incompetent mayor) is relieved of his duties, the better New Orleans will be.

Molon Labe


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