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Friday, September 09, 2005

Job Search

OK, I generally love my job - but I am getting sick and tired of the pay and lack of real opportunities for future advancement in the organization (my boss ain't retiring for another 15 years or so).

So, with that, I have decided to explore the waters. Being a lawyer, as much as I hate to consider it, that also means looking at law firms.

And today, I had an interview with a large firm out of Texas. Salary is $200k with a guaranteed bonus in the range of $50-100k if I bill 2200 hours (about 45 hours a week billing, in reality its a lot of 80 hour weeks). Up for partnerhsip after 18 months (Avg profit per partner is well over $1 million - though in reality junior partners make much much less than that).

Did I mention how much I hate law firms. This is like selling my soul to the devil . . . . but he certainly is willing to pay alot for it.

So tempting. So hard to resist. Must resist. Must must must resist.

Can someone come up with a reasonable compromise???? Right now, the only other alternative is to accept a position with the .gov - something I might be dreading even more. And no, staying put isn't an option in the long term.


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