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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Rockstar INXS

OK, so my attention wasn't fully there. Before it came on tonight, the wife and I were channel surfing and stumbled onto a Queer Eye for the Straight Guy with a fat nudist mechanic living with his mother. Classic television and forced us to make frequent use of the Last Channel button on the clicker*.

Anyway - here's my roundup.


I Can't Make You Love Me This song capped what was a phenomenal comeback album for Bonnie Raitt in the early 1990s. For me, this song will always be the version Bonnie sang on Saturday Night Live the weekend after Bill Graham died. It was perhaps one of the single most emotional performances I've ever witnessed and Suzie would never be able to top it. By comparison, her performance, while technically proficient, nevertheless was soulless and without emotion - though considering what she was up against, I don't think anyone could match Raitt. I didn't like Soul Life, but then I don't like Suzie.


Hard To Handlewas a technically competent performance, with tons of energy and a bizarre striptease at the end, but ultimately, it was shallow and soulless as almost all of Migs performances are. He's a great showman, but should stay in Theater cause he lacks the heart for Rock and Roll.

His original song, Home In Me blew monkey turds.

Jordis I'll pass on her version of We Are The Champions (haven' we heard someone else attempt it already???) but give her credit for a fun original, even if it sounds like it was written while sitting on the toilet taking a shit (Potty Music, my wife calls it)

JD - missed his performance but based on his past performances I can't imagine he would challenge.

UPDATE: I went online and watched his performance. I liked his introductions a lot - they flowed excellently. His take on Nirvana's Come As You Are was haunting, but didn't quite do it for me. It would have been nice if it wasn't so abreviated. With a couple of more minutes to perform he could have done something good with it, as it is, it was just too short and the killer rocking ending only lasted 15 seconds or so. His original song, Pretty Vegas was pretty damn rocking though, and would sound great in an Arena or by INXS.

Marty was once again the cream of the crop. Everlong was fantastic - he really does have a great modern rock voice (what's more amazing is how good a band the Foo Fighters are) - and his original song Trees may have been the single best performance of the night - something INXS acknowledged. Look for Marty to encore it tomorrow and INXS to release it shortly after hiring him.

I've already told you, I thought Marty gets the encore tomorrow with his song Trees. As for the bottom three - JD, Jordis, and Mig with JD taking a walk. Just my prediction.


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