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Friday, September 02, 2005

Huricane Katrina

Two initial responses:

Mississippi Republican Governor Haley Barbour to his virtually demolished state - much of which has literally been blown off the map incurring substantial loss of life and where up to 80 percent of the residents sufferred significant losses: We will are not gonna be kind to looters (ie: shot on sight).

Louisiana Democrat Governor Kathleen Blanco to her state which fared far better than could ever have been hoped for with its largest city, New Orleans, still standing and much less death's than originally predicted: "I know, by praying together on Wednesday, that we can pull together and draw strength we need; strength, that only God can give us."


Mississippi keeps violence to a minimum and state begins quickly rebounding and rebuilding.

New Orleans levee breaks, corrupt police force in corrupt Democrat controlled city joins swarms of looters and marauding gangs of rapists and looters, entire attention of nation turns on New Orleans and perhaps 50,000 residents of that city strangle relief effort overall and harm 3-4 million other Hurricane survivors (who also have need of significant federal assistance) by returning to state of wild and untamed nature. Only after 5 days does Louisiana Democrat Governor Kathleen Blanco agree to allow troops to shoot and kill.

OK, then.


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