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Monday, September 12, 2005

Sites and Yon

Yahoo is hiring Kevin Sites as its official online war zone reporter.

Mr. Sites intends to visit over the course of a year every place on earth that is defined by international organizations as a war or conflict zone. The list is evolving but is likely to include about 36 countries.

As he travels to these places, Mr. Sites will write a 600- to 800-word dispatch each day and produce a slide show of 5 to 10 digital photographs. He will also narrate audio travelogues. There will be several forms of video - relatively unedited footage posted several times a week, and once a week, a more traditional video report, edited in the style of a network news broadcast.

Mr. Sites plans to travel largely by himself, although he will hire translators, drivers and security guards as needed. His carefully constructed travel ensemble includes a rolling suitcase filled with lightweight clothing treated with insect repellent, a sleeping bag and a custom backpack that contains an array of gadgets that would put James Bond to shame.

On his travels for Yahoo, he will carry a Canon digital still camera and three small video recorders, including one that fits on a headband.

"I've had to expose myself to open street fighting," Mr. Sites said. "Moving around while looking through the viewfinder of a camera is difficult in those situations."

Like I said, Cool.

Maybe with the unveiling of its new Times Select Service, the NY Times can go and hire Michael Yon. The truth: not only fascinating, but profitable.


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