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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Rock Star INXS

OK, tonight's show was interesting.

First, I think Marty should win overall, though I feel JD's style is a bit closer to INXS's sound. Knowing that he is an actual INXS fan, I can't help thinking of him as anything much more than a second rate Ripper Owen. He's gotten a lot better - but if I were him, I wouldn't want to win. I don't really see a long term future in INXS, whereas the runner up will have his choice of already established stars (Dave Navarro??) to play with.

Second, the quality of performance between the top 3 and the bottom one tonight was striking.

Marty - Once again, he simply out-shined the competition. It was interesting (and a bit surprising) to see him take the stage with an acoustic guitar and only Dave Navarro accompanying him to reprise his killer Trees. It was great last week, it was stunning this week. As he has in the past, he also nailed another modern rock hit - the Radiohead classic Creep. Within that modern rock confine, Marty is phenomenal. Don't know if he can get bluesy enough for the gig, butif INXS is looking to expand their horizons as opposed to becoming simply a novelty act, I think Marty is the direction to go. He got my vote.

JD - I was nauseous watching him perform Pink Floyd's Money - it was borderline blasphemous - and what's up with the annoying punk rock/green day hop at the end of each song and throughout the chorus. Its getting old, dude. However, he also reprised his hit, Pretty Vegas from last week - this time with the full band and Navarro on lead guitar. It worked, and I can see it easily fitting into the INXS repertoire. That, more than anything, is what's going to carry JD to victory. But, as I said above, in the end he will be little more than Ripper Owens light, and while INXS might score a minor hit with it, don't expect them to recreate their earlier 1980s successes.

Suzie I hate 4 Non Blonde's and I hate their one hit wonder What's Up. That said, I thought Suzie's version was inspired and easy to listen to. She his the high notes and had a nice stage presence. Did I read somewhere that she did porn once upon a time??? STP's Interstate Love Song was interesting, but she succeeded in making it her own. Too bad she didn't borrow JD's bullhorn though.

MIG sucked. He will never be a rock star cause he's nothing more than a two bit pretty boy theater geek. Ugh!! Every performance feels like a Broadway show - I don't know if I am listening to Rock and Roll or a performance of Oklahoma!. Poor Mick Jagger - what an awful version of Paint It Black that was. Don't even get me on Seal's sappy Kiss From a Rose. Ugh. Didn't he learn last week that there is no place in rock and roll for crap tearjerkers.

Anyway, I don't know how they are going to handle tomorrow nights broadcast - do you have all but one in the sing off? Do you stick them all in? Two and two?? Either way, its pretty clear to me that the Migster is on his way out.


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