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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Fuck Him

God gives him a gift, the ability to rise above it all and earn more than his wildest dreams.

What does this shit head do in return?

Starts a fight in a nightclub.

he girlfriend told officers that Hamlin placed his hand on another man's back and said, "Excuse me." The man told Hamlin to stop pushing, and the two men began shoving each other.

According to the report, Hamlin then punched the man in the face;

Like I said, fuck him.

The club's owner, Larry Culp, said his security guards kept Hamlin separated from the two men outside for about 15 minutes as the bar was emptying at closing time. Culp said the guards tried to restrain Hamlin "five, six or eight times. The other guy started to back down, and as soon as the head of my security team turned his head, [Hamlin] went after him.

"He had plenty of chances to walk away from this incident," Culp said, adding Hamlin "went out of his way" to provoke a fight.

He's now in the hospital with a fractured skull, a blood clot and bruised brain tissue. I don't care. I have ZERO sympathy for Ken Herring. Seems like the shit head got what he deserved.


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