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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Tim Kaine's A Lying Gun Banning Bigot

As the race comes to the finish lines, that sleazy, corrupt, incompetant former mayor of Richmond, Virginia - a city known most for failed schools and corrupt and brutal police - turns out to be nothing more than the gun banning bigot we always suspected he was.

In the last week of an election, you ALWAYS focus on bringing out your base and showing your true colors. Well, the corrupt gun banning bigot from Richmond has decided that keeping the lie of reasonableness going isn't working and that the Brady Bunch is his answer to Virginia's problems.

Wilder, the nation's first black elected governor, said he is supporting Kaine because of Republican candidate Jerry W. Kilgore's position on Virginia's law limiting handgun purchases to one a month.

"I did everything I could as governor to be certain that we did have a change from Virginia being the number one gunrunning state in the nation," said Wilder, who signed the measure into law while he was governor.

Jerry Kilgore may not be perfect, but he is far and away better than this P.O.S. failure of a mayor. The lying Gun Banning Bigot's charade is over, and that at least makes my choice on election day that much easier.

Please help us defeat the bigot and vote for Jerry Kilgore next Tuesday.


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