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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Lazy Week

Its a pretty lazy week at work. I am spending my time mostly prepping for one of the interviews next week, reading lots of stuff on e-waste and natural resource damages. If you have any thoughts or experience with either, let me know.

Oh yeah, also watching some movies. I've got Bullitt in right now. It was one of my Christmas DVDs (actually picked it up, along with Johnny Dangerously) at Wal Mart for myself (2 for $11 special). With the exception of its great auto chase, I hadn't seen all of Bullitt in awhile. Its a shame, cause its a much better movie than I remember. From the swinging jazz of 1960s San Francisco, to the quality gun play, tremendous acting, great dialogue and star studded cast (in addition to Steve McQueen it haalso has the gorgeous Jacqueline Bissett and a young Robert Duvall) its all around a winner all the way.

Here's a great page on the filming of Bullitt. Check out all the Amazon reviews for more.


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