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Thursday, January 12, 2006


Two of the publications I read everyday as part of my job are Greenwire and E&E Daily. They are "trade rags" here in DC published by E&E News. Greenwire comes out every day and tracks policy and other developments in environmental law and E&E Daily tracks similar developments regarding Energy and Environment matters (get it, E&E).

Anyway, as part of the 4 Meme floating around the blogsphere recently, I noted that Greenwire was one of the publications I read every day. Apparantly, E&E publications has at least a partial clue. Yesterdat at 4:12 pm ET someone at E&E News did a google blog search for mentions of Greenwire (As Jeff Jarvis would agree, thats a very smart thing to do). They ended up finding the 4 Meme post (its the 2nd entry) and read the comments where I stated

you can probably trust your average NY Times staff writer more than you can trust a writer from Greenwire (or E&E publications generally)

Bitter picked up on it responding:
Yeah, I figured that one out really quickly. It wasn't hard to pick up on the bias the very first time I read it.

This morning, E&E revisited the post and has posted some follow up questions. Both Bitter and I have responded and I urge you to check out the comments for my take on media bias. (HINT: Irregardless of its overwhelming bias, I think the quality of E&E's products are head and shoulders above their competition, and thats why I continue to hold multiple subscriptions to them).


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