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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Gun Show Bleg

This is for the local Virginia contingent.

I missed (spaced on) last weeks gun show in Dale City. I see (thanks to the VCDL alert) that C&E Gun Shows will be holding one in Richmond this weekend.

Has anyone ever attended a C&E Show (outside of the combined Nation's Gun Show they do with Showmasters)? Has anyone attended their Richmond shows? Are they worth heading down for?

I promised my father in law I'd take him to last weekend's show and since I spaced was thinking about heading down to it. I am looking for reloading supplies (powder but mostly bullets), I think he just wants to roam the aisles and be surrounded by guns (nothing wrong with that). Anyway, is it worth the trip down or should we just head over to Clark Brothers in Warrenton?


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