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Sunday, January 29, 2006

MacBook Pro

I got my current iMac back in April 2002, shortly after they were released, when my son was born. Its served me well, is used pretty heavily by myself and my wife, but has started to show some signs of age. Don't get me wrong, its still 10,000 times better than a PC (especially the crap PCs I have to use at work) but its just not as sprite as it once. The screens still sharp, the R2D2 design is still cool (and the erie translucent pearl white is still gorgeous to look at) but it has had some hard ware problem, a video card thats constantly farting, ever more frequent kernel hiccups and the software on it doesn't handle the powerful internet computing tasks the way it once did . . . . and I can basically forget about games.

I say all this, because while we intend to keep it and continue to actively use it, the time is near when we search once again for the next computer on the horizon.

Our focus is the new, intel powered MacBook Pro

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Anyone have any thoughts or other suggestions?


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