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Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Gunnies

Don't forget, voting in the initial round of the Gunnies is still going on.

So far, the competition is very interesting.

  • Oleg Volk is beating Castle of Aaaarrrgghhh! 54.9% to 45.1% for Best Gun Pr0n

  • The AnarchAngel is beating Mr. Completely by 5 votes for Most Educational

  • Kim du toit is crushing mAss Backwards 58% to 42% for Best Rants

  • John Lott is beating Dave Kopel by 9 votes

  • Alphecca has walked away with Best Aggregator winning 52.9% to Mr. Completely's 26.9% and Resistance Is Futile's 20.2%

  • Mr. Completely is narrowly beating Kim du Toit for Best Range Reports 52.1% to 47.9%

  • and
  • Kevin at the Smallest Minority is beating Kim du Toit by ONE vote for Best Commentary

  • is beating

If your favorite isn't in the running, don't despair. Come on buy and vote anyway. A dedicated campaign by almost any of the nominated bloggers can still turn the results around in almost any of the categories.


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