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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Fuq Google


May the rat bastard fsacists running google rot in hell.

On NPR's Morning Edition this morning a Google official was quoted as saying some information is better than no information. I vehemently disagree. I would rather be in the dark, and know I was being kept in the dark and not to believe what the government told me, than to have faux freedom bestowed upon me through which the all oppressive government simply brainwashes the masses even further.

Fuck Google.

Give me 2 weeks. I am swithching from blogger. I am dropping my gmail account (returning to Yahoo?).

And will not "google" anything else. I recommend All The Web for your searching pleasure.

Or Yahoo. Forget Yahoo. See the comments. Thanks folks. Didn't know that.

Or Dogpile.

Or Teoma.

Heck, return to the first and original net master - Alta Vista.

Anything but the bastards at Google who would sell the country down the river in a heartbeat.


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