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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Gun Free DC

The Washington Post, as much a supporter of the discredited liberal notion that only Cops deserve to carry guns in DC as anyone, has a lot to learn.

First, guns are inanimate objects. They don't have minds of their own and only discharge when someone decides to place their finger on the trigger and pull. Apparantly, the Post doesn't understand that and somehow believes that an off duty cop's gun, which was used to kill an alleged robbery suspect whom the cop allegedly stumbled onto miles from his home and area outside of the cops usual beat, may have decided to discharge on its own (by accident).

Ford got out of his car, asked a neighborhood resident to call 911 and approached the man. The man made a threatening motion, and Ford pulled out his gun. At this point, the man lunged at Ford, and the officer's gun discharged. It was not clear whether the gun went off by accident, police said.

Second, Ford (like perhaps 90+% of the cops who were sworn in during the Marion Barry years) has no business carrying a gun, let alone owning one. In particularl, Ford is no stranger to public controversy. He was the officer behind the infamous mailbox handcuffing where he decided to lock a motorist to a mailbox one evening and then assaulted and stole the camera of a Washington Post reporter who dared document Ford's outrageous behavior.

He's also been arrested three time - in 1993, 1995, and 1999 - for assault. Not surprsingly, he wasn't prosecuted in two of the cases and in a third the court granted a motion to acquit (and my educated guess is that theproecutors office didn't oppose the motion).


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