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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Let The LEVERevolution Begin

The .30-30 Winchester is the best selling centerfire sporting cartridge in history, bar none. Yet, because it is chambered primarily in lever action carbines that most gun writers' disdain, practically no one pays any attention to either the cartridge or the rifles that shoot it. Except consumers, that is, who have made the Winchester Model 94 and Marlin Model 336 the best selling hunting rifles of all time.

Hmm, let's see--we have the best selling of all cartridges and the best selling of all rifles--and they have been largely ignored (at least until very recently) by all of the big ammo manufacturers since the end of the Second World War. Meanwhile, development money and resources are being poured into cartridges that will never make the top 30, let alone number one in sales. What is wrong with this picture?

Chuck Hawks has the goods on the new Hornady LEVERevolution.

Does it work? Guns and Ammo thinks so.

In fact, the LEVERevolution load has more velocity and close to the same energy at 300 yards as the best of the roundnose loads has at 200. With the excellent design and expansion characteristics of the polymer-tipped Evolution bullet, I would say Hornady has succeed in extending the effective range of the .30-30 to a noteworthy degree.

I'll have to let you know. I just ordered a couple of boxes and will post a range report next week, after they arrive. One initial complaint though is that apparently Hornady won't be selling the bullets for hand loading. At this point, its only available as the complete package. That ticks me off cause the .30-30 dies I ordered just arrived today.


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