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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Gunnies

This Is Going To Be Post Dated Until The Second Round Ends on February 15th

Second Round Voting Underway

Vote Early, Vote Often

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The winner of this years inaugural prize is also eligible for a FREE ENTRY TO BOOMERSHOOT compliments of Joe Huffman. Plus, all the winners will receive their own .50 BMG trophy compliments of myself (where allowed by law and if AND ONLY IF I can mail it out to you with out much hassle).

I still need nominees for Best Post of 2005. If I don't get 10, I'm not going to run it. Simply don't have time to go dig them up myself the next week. Please leave a comment - or email me at COUNTERTOP at GMAIL dot COM - and let me know what you liked (with a hotlink please)

Image hosting by PhotobucketFirst round voting has ended in First Annual Gunnies and our winners are:

Best Gun Pr0n - Oleg Volk
Most Educational - Mr. Completely 
Best Rants - Kim du Toit
Best Legal Analysis - John Lott
Best Aggregator - Alphecca
Best Range Reports - Mr. Completely
Best Commentary - The Smallest Minority

Much hearty congratulations to the winners, and especially to Mr. Completely who pulled off the double victory. Each of the winners will now move on to a spot on the second round polling for Biggest and Best Gun Blog overall - aka The 50 BMG.

Folks, this is where it gets serious as there will actually be a prize - and a rather nice one at that - for the winner. When I put the final poll up, I will let you know more about that.

In the meantime, of the 10 slots available they will fill the first 6 (per the rules, Mr. Completely is only entered once). The other slots will be filled by The Anarchangel who came in second to Mr. Completely in the Most Educational Category (again, pursuant to the rules) and Heads Bunker who ended up tied for 2nd with The Anarchangel in the Most Educational polling but because of tie breaking procedures ended up 3rd. The Castle of Aaarrrgghhh! which finished second in the Best Gun Pr0n category but still managed to get more votes than all but two other bloggers is taking up the 9th spot.

Furthermore, since there was a bit of confusion on how the voting was conducted (shame on you people for not reading the directions) I have also decided to give a first round leader (ie: most initial #1 votes) a spot in the final poll. That lucky bastard bloggers is mAss Backwards with 79 first place votes in the Best Rants category (though I need to point out he is not the one who complained).


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