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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Right and Wrong

Frank Deford is so right!
The Opening Ceremonies were, as always, a sappy extravaganza that left a too-sweet taste in every mouth, but I took notice when the Italian national anthem was sung a cappella by a mere little nine-year-old girl. It made me think how, at all our major sports events now, such as the Super Bowl, The Star-Spangled Banner is sung by big celebrities who feel an obligation to put their own fancy stamp on it. A rendition, if you will. A production number. It's catching, too. I was at a hockey game the other night when a pretty vocalist sang both The Star-Spangled Banner and O Canada as if she were in a cabaret.

Somehow, I don't think anybody's national anthem needs to be arranged.

What Would Tyler Durden Do??? is so so very wrong.

But he is fast becoming my very favorite place on the internet.


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