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Monday, February 06, 2006

Carnival of the Virginia Bloggers

Sorry for the delay in getting this week’s edition of the Virginia Carnival of Bloggers up. As always, putting out a fire at work got in the way and then, as happens all too often, Blogger decided to act up on me.

Nevertheless, its its finally up so we can all have something to peruse at lunch as we enjoy the unseasonably warm weather this spring. Of course, the warmth here in the Commonwealth is being matched by record cold temperatures elsewhere on the planet, proving once again that everything averages out and continued screams of global warming by those in the Environmental Fund Raising industry are really nothing but bunk.

They really are brilliant you see. In hoodwinking us to change our lifestyles, they are also in the process of reviving the use of many past and future technologies that they once lambasted with zeal, thereby ensuring a steady stream of issues and fund raising dollars will keep their Gulfstreams flying.

In other news, Ravnwood, the greatest blogger Virginia ever knew remains in hiding. Can’t he hear the demands of Commonwealth residents clamoring for his return? We all know he would have something extra insightful to contribute to the climate change hysterics. Of course, if he has an iPod, he might not be able to hear us . . . or so say some trial lawyers

Someone else who will be missed is Prince William Firefighter John E. Thomas. RIP, sir.

Lots of other interesting posts out there in the Virginia blogsphere.

Are plea bargains reprehensible and immoral?

Apparently, not all wishes come true.

Arlington - I hate the new look and still mourn the passing of Cafe New Delhi. Hopefully, Clarendon can survive, but I have my doubts. What's wrong with the sky and short friendly humane buildings. Rosslyn and Balston are probably the two best examples of the worst in current American architecture. Seriously, its like some one planted a bunch of ugly sterile building from out in suburban hell seeds along Wilson Blvd. Yuck, Its not for me.

I guess, since I do a bit of gun blogging my self, folks wanted to shower me with gun related posts. Might I also remind you to vote for your favorite gun blogger?

Anyway, if you are just starting out and looking for a great place to start blogging- an area where 99.99999999999% of everything reported in the mainstream media is either completely beyond their comprehension of just a big fat blatant lie - you really need to go no further than facts and figures and revolving around guns.

It is just so simple to discredit these bozos. Of course, while politicians without a clue and their co-conspirators in the media can claim ignorance, it ought to be a little harder for the police to. Aren’t they supposed to be the only one’s trained in the proper use of firearms? The only one’s who know what they are talking about on the subject? Well then, can we ask what did they know and when did they know it?

And, for the record, I would say 80+% of cops out there routinely violate basic tenants of gun safety and have little to no actual ability with a gun. This number increases markedly when you get near major urban centers - where cops seem extra inclined to engage in unnecessary militarism. Just an observation, that’s all. Thankfully, at least as shown by the letters at Radley's web page The Agitator, some cops have a clue.

Anyway, speaking of fun with numbers. Most newspapers are pretty easily dupped by politicians looking to score points in the War on Drugs. Sounds like more of the same in Roanoke.

Lots of gun related bills in Richmond this week. Here’s a thoughtful letter about some of them. My Representative – Delegate Jim Scott – is nothing but a big ‘ol communist (well, he would say “progressive socialist” with the force of the police behind him) gun banning bigot. And don’t forget, he came to power years before when he and the Fairfax Democratic Party mastered the art of vote stealing and ballot box tampering.

Of course, I shouldn’t complain too much. Better the enemy you know than the enemy you don’t. Heck, if it
weren’t for Republicans, Democrats would have no chance of success.

Here’s a great feature of the House of Delegates web page.

James J. Na – of Guns and Butter fame - has a new post up over at Real Clear Politics on the Democrat’s latest “rising star.”.

You may – or may not – have heard that certain military units are going to stop using the ineffective and wholly worthless 9mm parabellum round. It is about time. How many soldiers will have to die before we realize that the much feared (at least by the gun banners and politicians) 9mm simply has minimal stopping power. I’ll take my Colt 1991A1 with 7 rounds of .45 ACP over any gang banger running around with 15 rounds of 9mm any day. Kim du Toit once posited that anything worth developing in the firearms world has already been developed. So far, I’ve seen nothing to dissuade me of that notion. Anyway, I just hope that the military keeps the contract at home – or simply returns to the still very much relevant John Browning 1911 model that they abandoned in a fit of politically correct euro posturing during the late 80s.

It might appease European sentiments, but folks, those sentiments are going to change quickly as they continue to get their ass handed to them by Islamic radicals. No need to go down the same path. Whatever the military chooses, I just hope its not of the Toyota Camry variety.

Did you know there was an issue with I-81? I sort of recalled seeing a bumper sticker about it some time ago, but don’t know the details. Now I do

Up here in McLean, you can sometimes forget about the role coal continues to play in the lives of lots of Virginians. I do hope the issue of mine safety is addressed, and soon. Back when I was practicing law I spent a few days review death reports in MSHA’s basement library in West Virginia. The safety of mines has improved a lot, but still isn’t where it needs to be.

Matt Rustler has some thoughts on freedom and the fitness of islam to fit in modern society. Having grown up with Armeniam neighbors who escaped to America in the middle of the night 50 years ago because the local cleric decided the time was right to begin raping all the Christian women and beheading all Christian men, I've got my own feelings about these degenerate swine.

REALITY ALERT - Its not just the extremists who act this way, and that I what is at the root of all their problems. Europe seems to be waking up to the fact, lets just hope the shameful left wing leaders of the Democratic party do as well.

Anyway, this is for them.

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Thank goodness at least some of the folks over at Raising Kaine have a clue. Its also worth noting that they think KOS might finally be jumping the shark. Don't know about that cause I refuse to read the work of anyone who celebrates the death of Americans in Iraq, but its worth pointing out that I thought the all mighty conservative Powerline blog jumped the shark a long time ago.

Anyway, that’s about it. If I missed a post - or your link doesn't work - let me know. I'll try to throw the track backs up alter.

Thanks for visiting and don't forget that Getting Around hosts next weeks edition.


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