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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

NRA 1, Bloomberg, 0

Looks like the opening round went to my boys in Fairfax!!!

February 1, 2006 -- WASHINGTON — The powerful National Rifle Association killed the appointment of Mayor Bloomberg's girlfriend to a top federal post in retaliation for Hizzoner's campaign against the gun group, Senate sources said yesterday.
Diana Taylor, the state banking commissioner, had been widely seen as a shoo-in as late as last week to head the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., which oversees the nation's banks.

But the NRA wound up maneuvering behind the scenes to block her nomination at the last minute, to send a message to her billionaire boyfriend, sources told The Post.

"It's obvious the NRA hasn't been pleased with the mayor's campaign against guns," a Senate aide said.

"They wanted to do a little bit of political payback . . . They just killed it."



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