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Friday, February 10, 2006


Its about fuckin' time.

"On the surface, it is hard to believe," said Curt Furberg, professor of public health sciences at North Carolina's Wake Forest University Medical School, who voted for the black-box warning. "What is also interesting is this condition is not really recognized in other countries -- you wonder what we are treating. I am sure there are patients who need these drugs, but it is not 10 percent of all 10-year-old boys."

Folks, sorry if I see conspiracies sometimes, but this was just the perfect storm waiting to happen. Don't think the parties plotted together or not, but just happened to stumble on each other.

Big Pharma was looking to maximize profits at all costs on an item that society really didn't need except in perhaps extreme cases. MARKETING should not drive medicine.

Lazy ass pathetic teachers and school administrators who simply didn't want to do their job by teaching and challenging active young minds and bodies were looking at ways to sedate an entire generation and relieve the burdensome pressure of having to actually work for a living.

Men Hating Fem Nazi Feminists were looking for ways to undercut society and remove the male element, completing their plan to turn us all into a sniveling, pathetic bunch of thoughtless impotent pandering Dr. Phil listening metrosexual homos. It helped that members of this group and the national education leadership are one in the same.

What to do know?
First, a warning label is just a start. The recommendation - for the big black box warning label is actually a great start because no reasonable caring parent (irregardless of how inattentive they may be) would ever let their kid on this stuff if they knew the truth.

We next need to file major class action lawsuits against all who were involved in this shame. I'd start with the schools and the fem nazis, but if you go after Big Pharma first, who am I to complain. After we've taken their money back, we can start contemplating exactly who to take out back and punish appropriately.


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